Frequency reconfigurable slot antenna using metasurface

Polarization reconfigurable slot antenna for 5.8 GHz ... In this paper, a CPW-fed circular polarization reconfigurable slot antenna is proposed. By simply changing the bias status of two PIN diodes through a T-type bias device, the antenna can work as two independent inverted L-shaped slots, and realize reconfigurable performances.

A new 4 × 4 unit cell artificial magnetic conductor metasurface is designed with a compact size at the same operating frequency of MTM-based CP antenna as a ground plane for the proposed antenna, which is found to be increased bandwidth … OSA | Complementary transmissive ultra-thin meta-deflectors for D. Wang, L. Zhang, Y. Gu, M. Q. Mehmood, Y. Gong, A. Srivastava, L. Jian, T. Venkatesan, C. Qiu, and M. Hong, “Switchable ultrathin quarter-wave plate in terahertz using active phase-change metasurface,” Sci. broadband pulsar-like polarization: Topics by WorldWideScience

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Advanced Antenna Laboratory – “No bird soars too high if ... Miniaturized Loop Antennas with Frequency Agility [2014/12] Bingzhang Tsai (蔡秉璋): A Continuously Beam-Steerable Patch Array Using Variable Reactive Load [2015/6] Shih-An Yang (楊世安): MTK Three Reconfigurable Slot Antennas Realized by Varactor Diodes [2016/1] Hui-Hsin Wu (吳蕙心): Phison Frequency Reconflgurable Microstrip Patch-Slot Antenna with ... In this paper, the detailed design and analysis of frequency reconflgurable slot-patch antenna with re°ector is presented. The proposed antenna is a combination of a microstrip patch and slot antenna. The slot is positioned at the ground plane underneath the patch. Three switches are used to reconflgure six difierent frequency bands.

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In this paper, a genetic algorithm optimization in conjunction with the internal multiport method is applied for determination of slot shape and PIN diode location in the ground plane for design of frequency reconfigurable patch antennas. Minimization of the number of diodes (as switches) is also considered.

AbstractA frequency-reconfigurable antenna designed using metasurface (MS) to operate at around 5 GHz is studied and proposed. The frequency-reconfigurable metasurfaced (FRMS) antenna is composed of a simple circular patch antenna and a circular MS with the same diameter of 40 mm and implemented using planar technology.

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A frequency- and polarization-reconfigurable antenna composed of a metasurface, a planar slot antenna, and a metallic reflector is proposed in this letter. Design of Frequency-and Polarization-Reconfigurable Antenna Based on the Polarization Conversion Metasurface - IEEE Journals & Magazine

Frequency Reconfigurable U-Shaped Microstrip Patch … reconfigurable slot antenna has the same radiation pattern at all frequencies. of the antenna as a function of frequency are investigated . Satish Kumar Yadav et al Frequency Reconfigurable U-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna and its Wireless Application ... patch antenna using slot shaped metasurface No.4 page.34. Balanis, C.A(1992),Antenna ... Reconfigurable Dipole Antenna - IEEE Xplore - In [3], a slot antenna using 2D metasurface can be reconfigured to operate in left-handed CP (LHCP), right-handed CP (RHCP) and linear polarization (LP) by mechanically rotating the metasurface. Compared to electrical reconfigurations such as switches, this mechanical reconfiguration requires movable parts, and has a high risk of mechanical I have done a seminar on frequency reconfigurable antenna Mar 25, 2015 · THESIS TOPIC IN ANTENNAS found this interesting.... well you can visit IEEE website and post the same where more tecnical people related to this may help you to greater extent. Cheers!

A Study of Reconfigurable Multiband Antenna for Wireless Application An UWB Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna by Using ... Mohammad M. proposed a Reconfigurable Antenna with Extended U-Slot used as a Switchable Polarization for Wireless Applications. In IEEE Antennas … CG Inauguration Location : Hall 1 & 2 -